Thursday, September 21, 2006

Richard Hammond update

Just a quick post to catch up with the current status of seriously injured Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond.

All the news reports are suggesting that he remains stable. That's the good news. Less good is the accompanying information that reveals he has suffered a significant brain injury. A recovery is expected - but it seems this is guardly expected to be "good" rather than full.

Beyond this personal element of the story, the BBC is unsurprisingly about to find itself under serious scrutiny regarding the circumstances surrounding the occurrance of the accident. ITV's television evening news has just suggested that Hammond was not initially supposed to the Top Gear presenter driving the car - although they have not named who he was replacing. The use of language within the programme is a little, uh, suspect, however - as how "late" a replacement he was seems to be in some doubt. The change was reportedly due to a diary clash.

Finally, confusion seems to remain about whether or not he was attempting to break the British Land Speed Record. reports the organisers say he was not; ITV continues to speculate that he was; the BBC is saying nothing either way.

I guess it really doesn't matter. We're all thinking: get well soon.

The readers of PistonHeads have set up a donation page for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. You can get to it here; amazingly it's already raised over £10,000, enough for a dozen rescure flights.


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