Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Moonbeam. Have you got a license for that, sunshine?

What's the best thing you could do with a couple of clapped-out Honda scooters?

No, not that. A chap named Jory Squibb in the United States has built himself...well BusinessWeek describes it as a car, so I guess I'll go with that. Squibb calls it the Moonbeam. It uses a 150cc motor from a 1987 Honda Elite 150, cost $500 in scooter parts, another $2,000 in additional bits, and 1,000 man-hours. But, more positively, apparently gets 105 US-mpg when on an 'economy run', and 80-85mpg around town. Which is kind of impressive.

Mr Squibb is even willing to help you build your own, and has set up a website to show you the way. Perhaps not recommended for very hilly areas...can't imagine it has very much torque to tug all that extra bodyweight around.


$2,500 DIY Cars @ BusinessWeek Online

Jory Squibb (Moonbeam website)

Picture from the Moonbeam website


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