Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy day for Hamster fans - Richard Hammond out of intensive care.

Just seen a BBC television news update that reports Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond is now out of intensive care, and doctors are "satisfied" with his progress. The Telegraph website is confirming this here:

Hammond moved out of intensive care

Guardian Unlimited has an article that's also worth a look for some further optimism-boosters:

Hammond recovery is likely-experts

They've spoken to some neurological experts who reckon the fact the Hamster was able to talk to rescuers at the scene indicates his brain was already beginning to fight the injury. He's no-where near out of of danger yet, but this at least gives ground for hope. He always gives the impression of being a tenacious fellow - so this all sounds like good news.


Hammond moved out of intensive care @

Hammond recovery is likely-experts
@ Guardian Unlimited

Richard Hammond update [internal]

Picture from the


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