Thursday, August 24, 2006

PistonHeads on the Weineck Cobra

Well, I wasn't planning on posting anything else this week, but when I saw this on PistonHeads I couldn't resist.

It's Ian Kuah driving the Weineck Cobra. Now, you might not have heard of this thing, but, well, you should want to know about it - just incase you think your Veyron's going to have it easy when it pulls up next to you at the lights.

Looks like an AC Cobra that got a little further carried away with the steriods (I mean, let's face it, more ordinary specimins of the beastie already look like substance abusers), but the shape is about all it's got in common with the original design. Custom built by "master mechanic" (I'm quoting Kuah here) Klaus Weineck, it features an aluminium/titanium chassis, independent double wishbone suspension, and a 12.9 litre bespoke block V8. The mill makes 1,100bhp at 7,000rpm and generates 1,299lb-ft of torque - while the car weighs only 1,000kg. Fortunately it also has enormous brakes, oil coolers everywhere, and is intended to withstand Dubai-grade levels of heat.

My favourite part is the 427 badge it's still sporting on the side. You can look to buy one here. The site should bring a smile to your face, at the very least - but make sure you have the sound turned up!


Weineck Cobra @ PistonHeads

Weineck official site

Picture from the PistonHeads article - as if you couldn't tell from the banner...


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