Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hey...where'd he go?

Yes - I know, I know...how lame am I?

I've actually been meaning to make this post for ages, but when someone actually noticed there hadn't been any new stuff up on here for a while [thanks, G! Got the message via Andy!] I thought I really had better get around to it.

Firstly, I spent another couple of weeks doing some work experience at a well know UK car magazine, and that knocked me right out as I was without any kind of personal internet access. Subsequent to that I've been spending my time trying not to fail the final portion of my MA...

So, for the time being I haven't really got the energy or the output to post any major stuff on here.

But I will be back. Oh, yes.


Oh, and, just to prove my point. This is a picture of my desk. You'll have noted the three computers, but did you spot that one of them was my shiny new MacBook - on which more another time.


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