Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dan Gurney is The Best!

And as a special keep the faith post...

...how freakin' sweet is this?! It's a Car and Driver Dan Gurney for President sticker; my Dad got a job lot of five of them from some opportunistic nostalgia merchant on eBay (only kidding!).

Seriously, though, it's pretty awesome. Now I just have to find somewhere to stick it. Hmmm, back of the laptop looks mighty appealing. My sister has hers stuck to the bumper of her car - so if you see a black Ford Escort that doesn't look like it's been cleaned in a year with some kind of lighter coloured patch at the rear, wave and say I said hi. Just don't let it distract you too much; she has enough trouble with people crashing into her already.

Oh, and yes, with a certain hint of irony that's Road&Track magazine you can see the bottom half of in the photo below. (Different desk this time.)


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