Friday, July 07, 2006

La Punto Diablo

Different kind of post for you today.

Been meaning to mention this for a while, but the timing wasn’t right – was supposed to be inline with my own new car announcement, which is delayed… So, I figured I might as well mention it sooner rather than later.

This is a link to a pal’s blog:

Long time no entry…

It’s all about his own brand new car, a Fiat Grand Punto 1.4 Sport. I thought it might be interesting to compare his experiences to my own – especially as the G Punto isn’t something that I considered very seriously for myself (there’s a list of these – coming with an explanation soon).

What’s particularly amusing is what happened to him 150 miles into his ownership experience, although I suppose it’s also worth mentioning that the car had already been back to the dealership at this point – for a replacement injector. 22 miles into its life.

I won’t spoil the surprise (such as it is), but will say that we did have fun thinking of boot badges he could have made to warn other motorists…! While he says he names (!) all his cars ‘Stacey’, suffice to say this one has gained the additional designator featured as the title. You’ll just have to click the link to find out why.

He has an update post here (excuse him waxing lyrical about his Wacom graphics tablet – though he is also a pretty wicked artist, and you can check out some examples in other parts of the blog):

La Punto Diablo Lives!

So, all sounds fine and dandy now – he really loves the car, in spite of the “difficulties” (heheh; he is kind of used to it, having previously had a Cinquecento Sporting). Or rather, it did until the text message I got this morning, where he patiently explained that all of the electrics had stopped working – the dashboard, the indicators, lights, everything. And this is on a brand new car, with 400 miles on the clock.

Well, if you will buy a Fiat…

It’s back to the service department this afternoon.

[Cheers, Chris!]


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Picture courtesy of Lord Phong’s blog – with his permission, of course.