Monday, June 12, 2006

Microcab: Culmination

The Microcab side project I've been working on has finally come to fruition. Last Wednesday saw the publication date of the magazine the writing is feature in, and the conference the magazine was intended to support.

You can see the cover design on the left - worth mentioning as the magic Phil Perry took time out of his weekend to improve it for us, subsequent to my previous post on this subject.

You can read some more about this, and view the final version of the article at the mini-site. This won't be the end of the material to go up at this location, however, as I intend to post the full transcript of my interview with John Jostins as a resource for anyone interested in alternative automotive power.


Microcab [mini-site]

R#25: It's all worth it in The End [internal]


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