Monday, June 12, 2006

"Here we go!"

The new site design is now all good to go. Inevitably I'll keep finding stuff I want to tweak, but university is on the cusp of keeping me extremely busy so I shall not have much time for that over the coming weeks.

Initially I had planned to simply change the templates over, and continue with one site only. But then I decided that I still liked the style of the old version, and that it might prove fun and/or useful to have a duplicate version, running an alternative design.

This is the first post to be replicated across both sites, so I figure I had better explain myself.

Let's kick off (hmm, topical reference a-go-go...) with the bad news:

I'm going to have to rename the main posts again; in order to justice to this mucking about, divulge me with a brief historical account. I started this blog with the intention of showing just how serious I am about getting a job in motoring journalism, and so it began with one main post a week, numbered and signified by a # and the red colour of the text. These had - and still have - a self-imposed limit of 800 words, and were put up Sunday-for-Monday.

Quickly I realised that I had more than enough to say (stop sniggering at the back) to manage two main posts a week. So, I added a second feature post in a Thursday-for-Friday slot, with a more flexible word limit. To differentiate the two, these were tagged with a T# (for 'Thursday'), and the text itself was coloured yellow.

All well and good. Until earlier this year - when university started getting properly hectic. So, I shifted back to a single main post a week. But I wanted to keep the discipline and the flexibility, so this now alternates every Thursday; inorder to distinguish between the two, I changed the tags to match the colours - so Red posts became R#s, Yellow posts became Y#s.

The problem is that yellow doesn't fit into the colour scheme of the new site - I'll be using blue instead.

So, in order to avoid further and future confusion, I am changing the tags once more:

The 800 word posts will retain the R# designation, as this can now stand for 'regular' as much as it can stand for the colour. These remain RED regardless of which site you're using.

The flexible limit posts will now have an L# tag - standing for 'larger' or 'longer', as they generally are. The numbering will continue in sequence as before. These will remain YELLOW in the Original, but become BLUE in the Light.

I hope that's clear!

Why two sites? Well, the plan to change the exisiting design was stimulated by the shock I received whenever I caught site of the blog on an older CRT monitor - iMacs seemed to be particularly prone. Very, very dark and dingy - difficult to read. But on the right screen - such as my own superbright LCD - all that blackness still looks pretty good, so I've decided to keep it going at the original web address.

At the new web address, you'll find the new template.

This is a much, much brighter design - and I've put in considerable effort trying to make it look nice within the confines of the blogger environment. I hope you like it.

It's tempting to say what a hero I've been, and achieved this with little or no coding knowledge. But the truth is, while I started off with nothing at the beginning of this course, I've found myself learning pretty rapidly - and with any luck, the new design reflects this. It's been a pretty steep learning curve in itself, but everything has been done right - if you know what I mean? I may have broken one or two stylistic guidelines, but hey, rules are made to be broken.

That's enough waffling from me for the time being. Your comments are very welcome.


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