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Now I would usually try and avoid mentioning two Jalopnik posts in subsequent editions to my own blog, but this is just fantastic.

Coming via Iowahawk and Rocketman, here's a couple of links to pages dedicated to 60s Florida performance parts company, Turbonique. I say "performance parts," reputedly the sideproject of NASA technicians, they specialised in rocket engines - either on their own or mechanically attached to otherwise relatively sane bits of automotive engineering. That is to say, Turbonique produced rocket powered superchargers and, stark, raving, bonkers though it sounds, differentials.

Unless anyone knows different, that is uniquely off the chart in terms of motoring madness in the performance enhancing stakes.

Iowahawk has the full story here, while Rocketman has pictures, as well as reproduction technical manuals and catalogues that are available for purchase (a little steep, or I'd be tempted myself). Rocketman, otherwise known as Ky Michaelson, was actually a former distributer of Turbonique's products, which were used in such diverse dragstrip terrorisers as rocket-powered karts and a VW Beetle capable of turning 9.36 second quarter miles at 168mph.

What are you doing? Just go read the damn article - that stuff is just amazing craziness.

PS: Iowahawk has gotten his hands on an original Turbonique rocket supercharger and intends to try it out...I really look forward to hearing about it. Just hope it's not in the obituries. Irk.


The Real Acme @ Iowahawk

Turbonique @ Rocketman

Turbonique: Totally The Best Company In History and Now You're Playing With Power: Turbonique Madness @ Jalopnik

Picture is from the Rocketman site. That car has TWO rocket engines...


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I have a 1000 hp axle unit and a large turbocharger unit, spare turbine wheels, machined and balanced, machined and unmachined nozzles, finished impellers, ignitor units, regulators, engineering drawings and ethylene oxide. I remember seeing Zach Reynold's Turbonique Ford in his garage. I understand he use to cruse around Winston-Salem and "burp" it every now and then. Gene Middlebrooks also remembers Zach. I think he had some misgivings about handing such a rocket to Zach. He wasn't sure where Zach would launched it!

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