Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spot the obvious "mistake"

By way of explanation for the lateness of the previous post, take a look at this picture. And tell me what's missing:

That's right, those are my keys - and what's missing are the car keys.

The BM finally had a pretty significant mechanical failure (not bad going for an £800 car bought two Christmas Eve's ago). It had to be recovered all the way to my home address in Dorset, and currently I am without it.

It's like I'm missing a limb.

In spite of all the pretentions I make towards environmenal friendlyness, I hate being carless; no matter how I'm actually travelling day-to-day, the thought of not being able to get in and drive if I want to, well...in all honesty, it makes me grumpy.

Still, I'll try and make like the keyring there, and maintain some positive spirit while I await the diagnosis.



Cleaner than it'll ever be again [internal]


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