Friday, March 17, 2006


This was, admittedly announced acouple of weeks ago, so I can’t exactly be accused of reporting breaking news on this occasion.

However, as anyone who pays attention knows, I am thoroughly fascinated by Project 1221 – a Modena based enterprise that claims to be developing a turbine powered supercar. This is an awesome conception – sounds utterly balmy, but if you poke around a bit really does start to make sense…1500hp from an engine that weights less than half as much as the 1000hp lump in the back of a Bugatti Veyron. And is much more compact. Exactly.

Getting to the point:

In addition to the two variants of MF1 supercar they’ve already announced (the 1500hp jobbie), they’re now publicising their intention to build a smaller, less expensive model – called Aellopous.

I could quote you a load of bumpf from the press release, but since you can just go and look at it online I’ll spare you the majorly “florid” stuff (as Channel4’s website put it. Hold on, Channel4 reporting on Project 1221? And the Project claim they’re not getting much press…?). Swiftly:

This project concerns a remarkably light, compact, agile and relatively more accessible model, the Aellopous, which due to both its power and its extremely low weight will dispense nothing less than landmark performance.

Ample luggage capacity, extra-long travel range, selectable left-hand and right-hand drive and optional armoured protection will also feature in the Aellopous as these are considered essential characteristics for all Project 1221 vehicles.
Sounds a lot like the original MF1 brief (which makes me want to see that one even more – given how out of control it appears to have become).

As an aside, someone – who shall remain nameless – accused me of being invidious when I compared the Freestream T1 to Project 1221’s MF1, an association I had made due to both companies claiming 1000bhp/tonne power to weight ratios. Perhaps the Aellopous makes a better comparison to the T1, given its ‘extremely low weight’ pretensions? Hmmm.

“Aellopous,” incidentally, is from Greek mythology. The Project likes to have a bit of a game with its naming conventions it seems, what with “Project1221” being ‘a cryptic hint of the aspirations of the marque,’ and the M and the F standing for Mauro Forghieri, its chief engineer (amongst other notoriety in his portfolio…).

Aellopous was one of the daughters of Thaumus and Elektra [which I mention only because I have a bit of Jennifer Garner twitch], and a harpyiae (!). The name, apparently, means “the stormy one” or “Swift-footed Like a Storm Wind.” Also known as Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow, a messenger of Hera, and apparently one of the few able to journey to the underworld at will.

Erm, make of that what you can…


Aellopous @ Project 1221
There's more of a PR on their 'Updates' page, but this may not be there if you're viewing this at a later date - click the archive link at the bottom

Project 1221/Turbine: Links [internal]

Project 1221: new two-seater model @ Channel 4
Ignore the picture on this page - it's an MF1 shot, not the Aellopous.

And, finally, some Greek mythologising for you:

Image is from the Aellopous PR. Hence the quality - being apparently publicity shy the Project seems to like releasing low rez images.


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