Wednesday, February 01, 2006

X-Prize your personal transportation module

It looks like an X-Prize for cars is on the agenda.

Autoblog is all over some comments that Peter Diamandis, X-Prize founder, made in an article in the Wall Street Journal on January 27. While revealing that the next competition will in fact concern human genome sequencing, Diamandis also took the time to criticize the auto industry, asking, 'Why do we still drive cars that use an internal combustion engine and only get 30 miles per gallon?'

Suggesting that this will be the focus of an automotive X-Prize at some point in the near future, Diamandis added, 'I think that we'll see some amazing achievements in this area,' using the unique motivational model that the prize foundation offers to kick start innovation.

The original X-Prize - for back to back manned flights to the edge of space - was cashed in by Burt Rutan and his Space Ship One in 2004.


An X-Prize for automobiles may be on the horizon @ Autoblog

The X-Prize Foundation official website

Picture is of Space Ship One, and is from the Space Ship One minisite at Scaled Composites website.


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