Thursday, February 02, 2006

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a...crocodile

Choosing to staunch the flow of invective that otherwise greeted news of Shell's record profits this morning, instead I bring you news that saltwater crocodiles in Northern Australia have started 'launching' themselves at passing cars.

Apparently startled by the noise of the vehicle, the 'saltie' was seen to have 'all four feet off the ground' before slamming into the side of its metal protagonist. This is according to crocodile expert, Gary Lindner, whose 4WD experienced the croc strike. He also explained that the animal's agility was down to it's youthful age. The driver had 'no time to react' as the two metre long handbag in waiting leapt out of a drain and into the oncoming traffic. It sadly died as a result of its injuries, and was later eaten by Aboriginies.

The other "exciting" piece of news I spotted on the interweb this morning is this article on the icWales website:

Angry locals halt intruders' sex in cars

This recounts the heart-warming tale of how a residents group, fed-up that dogging was bringing a whole new meaning to outdoor activities in their local parkland, chainsawed some trees and trapped 'four men in separate cars' until '2am' by blocking both park entrances. Click the link to read more.


Leaping crocodile slams into car in northern Australia @ [?!]

Kamikaze crocs attacking cars @

Angry locals halt intruders' sex in cars @ icWales

Picture is the 2000 Crocodile Audi R8 #77, winner at Adelaide. Sadly that's only a model, as I could find no decent pictures of the actual car; model - with other pictures - available to buy at


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