Monday, February 20, 2006


I'd give my arm for a mobile phone.

And, hack your Prius.

It's going to be a pretty busy couple of weeks for me, so I was thinking I am quite likely to be running on minimal posts for a while. That said of course, a couple of things popped up on Gizmodo today.

First off:

Car Crash Victim's Arm Found, Cellphone Intact

The title says it all really; when they found the severed arm of a woman who flipped an SUV out in Lexington, Kentucky, they discovered it to be still clutching the mobile phone she'd been using at the time of the crash. She, and her daughter - who was also in the car - both survived the incident. I believe it was a Gizmodo commentator on another thread who suggested that airbags should be set to deactivate upon detection of a mobile phone signal...

Then, this is cool:

Mac Prius

Coming via Gizmodo again, this is the webpage of a guy who has hooked the touchscreen in his Toyota Prius up to a Mac Powerbook - all in the name of enabling his daughter to watch dvds while they drive. Hacking computers into existing car user interfaces is a neat trick - I bet there's a serious market for improving on the original iterations of BMW's iDrive. I wonder if somebody has beaten me to it?


Car Crash Victim's Arm Found, Cellphone Intact @ Gizmodo

Mac Prius [via Prius Running OSX @ Gizmodo]

Picture via a Microsoft press site.


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