Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Freestream T1: 1000bhp/tonne

This is much more like it. I spent a few hundred words the other day whinging about retro design, and here is the antidote:

This is the Freestream T1, expected to launch later in the year. Packing a bespoke 480bhp 2.4 litre V8, it's no coincidence that tallies nicely with contemporary Formula 1 regulations - the T1 is intended to be the closest yet to the performance of a road going F1 car. Target weight is a skinny 465kg, skewering the 1000bhp per tonne figure very nicely, but even more impressive are claims surrounding the handling parameters, and to a certain extent the price.

The concept sports a carbon chassis and 'a full aerodynamic performance package which at present can only be found in a high formula racecar' according to Ben Scott-Geddes, one half of the pairing behind the project; co-founder Graham Halstead suggests that as a result 'driver and passenger will experience extremely rapid acceleration as well as 3g cornering and braking performance.' 3g!!

Packing a full compliment of ex-McLaren engineers and team members, previously involved with that company's seminal F1 supercar, the T1 promises spine-shattering agility and the latest tech, all for the actually quite reasonable sounding sum of £150,000. I know - if only I lived on that planet, too. That said, Freestream claim the interest of half-a-dozen potential customers already, and plan to build only 25 cars a year.

The best bit, though, is the spectacularly modern styling shown in the official rendering above - including the first successful integration of an F1 style nose; a much better effort than previous attempts made by McMerc, Ferrari and EOS.

The first prototype is nearly built and they've just moved into new premises. For more info contact them via their website, listed below.

Good luck to them.


Freestream Cars official website, which is quite fun, and where you can download a pdf brochure.

Official Press Release @ Newspress [membership required]

Ex-McLaren engineers launch 1,000bhp/tonne Freestream T1 car @ Auto Industry

#14: Let's go retro [internal]

Picture is an official press shot rendering of the concept, courtesy of Freestream via Newspress.


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The T1 is great and I'm sure it will be a success, particularly given that the chap behind the venture is Sean Butcher. He made a small fortune out of media related investments and Eastern European opportunities, recently selling his shares in a mining company and netting himself a cool $5 million in just 5 months. This guys got an eye for detail and an opportunity. Good luck

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