Thursday, January 19, 2006

What happens when...

...a bunch of Automotive Journalism students find someone as apparently oblivious to regimented car parking spaces as this guy? (We can all respect the need to keep a little rebellion alive in our souls, but that's just plain antisocial.)

Well, er, this happens...

Oh, and for another tip: don't go bowling with Automotive Journalism students if the lanes have "mph" sensors. Otherwise, enjoy!

PS: sorry about the quality of the pictures, I only had my phone with me (supposedly two megapixels, but whatever). And, yes I have brightened them, which is another reason they're a little grainy - just hope you can see them alright. Blurred plates as usual.

PPS: no, it was not a set-up.


Blogger 12cherryhillst said...

what did baldy have to say about when he got back to his van?

8:47 pm  

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