Monday, January 23, 2006

Self preservation society

Good grief - most predictable entry title ever? I think it's a contender.

Almost slipping by in the shadow of the champagne glasses of more "prestigious" auctions this weekend (Google "Bond's DB5" if you're struggling with context there; or see any of Jalopnik's recent Barrett-Jackson Scotsdale posts) the BBC is reporting the sale of a trio of number plates, shining in the light of any car fan's nostalgia. Need a clue? They were previously attached to a trifecta of patriotic Minis... Something I didn't know, however, is that they weren't any old numbers:
"HMP 729G, which was also Michael Caine's prison number; LGW 809G, the gang's flight number and GPF 146G, from the Grand Prix Flag."
The sale takes place at Cheffins auctioneers in Cambridge on 26 January.

In other news, the China Daily is reporting on the rise of illegal street racing in Bejing.

And I'm still getting over how
unbelievably bad the new rallying coverage was on ITV yesterday...


Italian Job car plates auctioned

Illegal car racing comes to Bejing @ China Daily

Picture is from I believe it may be for sale. But I could be wrong.


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