Friday, January 20, 2006

Revolving number plate? This is the twenty-first century, don't you know

As you may have spotted, James Bond is to drive an Aston again when Daniel Craig gets his first outing as the 00 agent later this year.

I mention this partially because I wanted to post that sketch picture of the mysterious "DBS" they're wheeling out especially for him. Which I like rather a lot. But also because I was thinking, you know how the DB5 in Goldfinger had a revolving numberplate - what about a modern version?

This is something I've been thinking about a while, actually. I mention it now because if I ever get around to finishing the novel (hoho) someone else might have beaten me to it...I'm at least fairly sure at this point that this hasn't happened yet.

So, the idea: rather than a revolving plate, how does the concept of a high definition flatscreen VDU panel grab you?

Maybe not so good for hammered metal plates, but I reckon you could get a "visual display unit" to work for the good old UK reflective plastic. A registration you could disolve or change at will - how about that? Completely illegal of course, but just think, you could probably display video sequences on it when parked, all sorts of cool stuff.

You heard it here first.


007 to drive new Aston @ Pistonheads

Casino Royale is due out later this year. Best guess, check in with the InternetMovieDatabase [IMDb] for the latest info.


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