Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Project 1221/Turbine : Links

Well, I am properly back at university now (have had my first class, and everything). Will try and spend a bit of time updating this site over the next few days. First off, as promised, here is a bunch of links related to Project 1221 and the use of gas turbines in road cars.

Project 1221/Turbine : Links

Project 1221’s own website is here:

Information about the Williams International FJ33 gas turbine engine (similar output and practical size) is available here:

The press release announcing their partnership with the Project is here: held a competition for design ideas, since Project 1221 have so far neglected to publish any proper official images. You can see the (mixed) results here:

You can read the Wikipedia’s take on gas turbine engines here:

Website for French specialist car dealer, Autodrome – who appear to be very interested in the Project, are showing an “artists impression” I haven’t seen elsewhere, and claiming to be in contact with the manufacturers – is here:

Their page own turbine cars, added to support the Project it seems, is here:

The very latest information from is here (you can work back through their earlier posts from this one):

How Stuff Works explains the turbine, here:

Website about the Chrysler turbine car:

And another one:

And another one:

And, again, another one:

Pistonheads on turbines, here:

8W on turbine cars – especially good on racing cars:

Making the Modern World on the Rover Jet1:

Picture is from Autodrome's Turbine Car page. It's the STP-Paxton Indycar that nearly won first time out at the Indy 500 in 1967. (A "five dollar" bearing broke four laps from the end, and the car coasted to a halt, having been in the lead with over a lap in hand.)


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