Friday, January 20, 2006

The most beautiful car in the world, and Oi, bring my Rolls back

The Autoblog is reporting that the Alfa Romeo Brera has been awarded 'the most beautiful car in the world' status at the 21st International Automobile Festival, Paris. It's ok looking, I guess...

Pistonheads, however, has a couple of more, eh-hem, amusing stories.

Firstly, a farmer has been sent a speeding ticket for doing 85mph in a tractor with a max velocity of only 26mph. The numberplate was misread, apparently. What about the rest of the vehicle? Clearly didn't have 'Massey-Ferguson' written on it, did it.

And second, the Tracker anti-theft system, which uses a location beacon and satelites and other such trick stuff, has recovered its most expensive stolen vehicle yet. 270Ks worth of Rolls Royce Phantom was recovered without damage within seven miles of its unauthorised removal.


Alfa Romeo Brera wins "Most Beautiful Car in the World" award @ Autoblog

Warp Tractor 9 and 270 grands worth of Rolls Royce Phantom Tracked Down @ Pistonheads


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