Saturday, January 28, 2006

GT4 Update

'Welcome to the house of sleep deprivation' said Matt, as he opened the door for me at 10.45am. I was back to check up on the boys' progress; thing that struck me first was how unbloodshot Matt's eyes were...but then he wasn't running the final stint, and so was under a duvet on the sofa.

Andy completed the final laps without major incidence (although again, pitting just before the end he took on far more fuel than was necessary), though by this point they were four laps up and driving was a little bit more of a relaxed affair. Laptimes were running in the 7'20-'30 range, rather than the 7'. Amusingly, while the PS2 itself wasn't running at all hot, and the steering wheel coped with the task admirably, they had in fact developed a "fault" during the course of the event. For some reason, the pedals had uncalibrated themselves and they were running without maximum throttle - enough of a problem to lose them 20mph at the top end down the straights.

With Van Halen's 'Final Countdown' on the stereo, they finished with a total lap count of 197 (my suggestion that they target 200 the next time was met with derision...) in an elapsed time of 24:06'52.787, Andy's original hot lap time still standing. They had, however, lost count of the number of accidents as they discovered it was difficult to keep track while the other player was off-stint and asleep. Biggest issue seems to have been the cold during the night - you can read Sean's update as a comment on my earlier post to see that Andy was driving in a jacket - and the muscle fatigue in the left arm, casued by the clockwise nature of the circuit.

Well done, chaps!


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