Wednesday, January 11, 2006

ECOSSE Moto Works: The Heretic

A little while back you may remember I posted this picture amongst a group of images taken at MPH '05:

At the time I promised more pictures (of the actual bike)...and so, here they are. I've had to lightened a few of them, in the hope that this will make them viewable on older CRTs.

More to the point though, I suppose you'd like to know what this actually is.

Made by ECOSSE Moto Works, coming out of Colorado, this is the Heretic, a $65,000+ street bike. Why should you be excited? Well, first of all, I liked the marketing - I love the idea of an "anti-chopper". Then there's the engineering. The bodywork is all carbon fibre. The chassis can be specified in titanium as well as carbon steel (at what additional cost I'm not sure, but I bet it ain't cheap). You also get titanium cans, and a bespoke handbuilt and blueprinted Patrick Racing 45 degree V-Twin engine making 130bhp and 125 lb ft of torque. Ohlins does the damping, and OZ does the wheels. All sorts of neat stuff like that. Best of all though, it looks fantastic.


ECOSSE Moto Works

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