Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dan Gurney's 1967 Eagle T1G-Weslake

Imagine my surprise when I checked Jalopnik this morning, and discovered that they'd mentioned this blog in one of their entries. Admittedly, I'm always mouthing off in their comments section, and do send them things that might be of interest, but still - what an honour. The drop was in reference to the Eagle Weslake picture (above) put up as part of my Autosport International "review"; given the interest I figured I'd post the other shots just in case anyone wants to see 'em. My Dad's a big Gurney fan anyway, so at least he'll appreciate it if no-one else does. Personal favourite detail? The quilted leather cockpit lining, second last.

I did also try looking for a site that could give you a little more information on the car. However, the best I could come up with was Atlasf1's The F1 FAQ. It's a repsonse to a question about American F1 winners, and you can link to it here. (You'll have to scroll down a bit.)

Here are the other pics:


Yale-Type Weighs in on Rallying @ Jalopnik


Ahh, kudos! Jalopnik... [internal]

T#12: Autosport International [internal]

Pictures are all mine. Yes, a couple of them have been cropped.


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