Thursday, December 08, 2005

Gumball says...what?!

[This is a thoroughly updated version of a post I made last night (for starters the picture has actually uploaded this time).]

Got a link for you.

I can't decide whether this is one of the least responsible things I've ever read on the web, or one of the most interesting. It's Alexander Roy - of Gumball rally, etc, fame - talking about radar detectors, courtesy of Gizmodo.

Anyways, you can judge for yourself here.

My favourite part is the biog at the bottom, where it says:

"Alexander Roy is an automotive/travel executive and holder of several international racing records which must remain secret."


Dammit, I'd love to know what those are. (Have you heard the one about the unofficial record for the M6 Toll...?)


World's Greatest...Radar Detectors [Gizmodo]

Picture was taken at MPH 'o5 - the NEC this time. That particular car was being auction on eBay... Those crazy Gumballers, what will they think of next?


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