Thursday, November 17, 2005

Well, duh. Some news.

Apparently, drivers of luxury cars are happier (thanks Minneapolis Star Tribune):


Jalopnik posted a couple of items on car crime in the UK last night. Since the first one is amusing (alright, I know - I cannot condone the theft of three high-end Mercedes, at gun point, from the dealership. Seriously - there are reports of injuries to the staff) and the second one is right next door to my hometown (somewhat bizarre, as well. 60+ vehicles vandalized during a electrical blackout...?!)

Gang steals Mercedes x n

Poole feels the wrath of car vandals

Just to get my own back - well, sort of - I bring you this breaking news:

Police from all over Hamilton County are on the lookout for a stolen car, brazenly taken from its owner Wednesday night."

Apparently, there are still crime free areas of the world...


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