Monday, November 21, 2005

Vauxhall are great!

Spent (some of) the day emailing various car manufacturers in an attempt to get some fairly specific information out of them for an article I'm writing.

Thus I have discovered that some - mentioning no names - really need to update the media sections of their website, as I had various bounces regarding non-existing addresses and other such problems.

However, this exercise has had one outstanding star turn - from Vauxhall. They not only replied within minutes, but I was directed given the contact information for someone who might know the answer. When it turned out he didn't, he even went so far as to contact some engineers in Germany in an attempt to resolve this shortfall. This even got me some material I'll be able to use!

Been a good couple of days for the big V actually. The slightly mad Russ Swift demonstrated that the Corsa is in fact good for something other than terrorising other drivers at over 90mph on the motorway (the 1.2 even is fast. I kid you not) - by handbrake turning one beneath some JCBs at MPH '05.

Heheh. I can see this MPH stuff is going to good for days...


Russ Swift Precision Driving

Vauxhall UK Customer Site

MPH '05

Yes, I did take the pictures.


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