Friday, November 11, 2005

Pre-internet Society

I'm disappearing for the weekend. I'm not entirely certain that I'll be able to access a phone socket and go oldskool with the dial-up in order to make a Sunday post, so I give you fair warning now.

However, a post for you, via Jalopnik.

For some reason - and in relation to a 28 Days Later forum in a juxtapositon I don't entirely understand - a couple of guys appear to have accessed the old Rover plant in Birmingham.

They've taken a bunch of shots and put them up on the web here. Since B'ham is only just up the road I figured I ought to draw attention to it. I have no idea if they've modified the images at all, but the atmospherics of the shots are incredible.

(Keep clicking through the thread - which is attracting all sorts of unusual attention; Rover owners, etc - and you'll see there are more pictures posted further on.)


Rover Factory (bandwidth warning)

Picture via the thread - hope you don't mind guys. The photography is awesome.


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