Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Links n Stuff

The South African Mail & Guardian is reporting that a woman was stung to death by bees after her car crashed into an electrical substation and disturbed a ginourmous hive on the roof.

Top Gear online has just put up another anti-American car rant from Jeremy Clarkson. Read his opinion of the Pontiac Solstice here.

The German Car Blog is reporting that Audi already has 3000 orders for their Q7 4x4... A nice piece of timing by Audi PR no doubt as their funky new ad campaign for the "car" went live in Germany yesterday.

Hurrah for Britich racing driver Justin Wilson. Having won the Mexico City Champ Car Race on Sunday he secured third overall in the championship. Paddock Talk has a nice review.

Dubspeed have a video of the Ferrari Enzo FXX. Mmmm, lovely noises...

And finally...CNN's auto news dept are obviously keeping themselves busy: they have the results of a survey on dating and cars. Whoa, hold on a second - I've just noticed that the survey was commisoned by Ford. You really would have thought they'd have better things to do. Like keeping the company out of financial crisis...

Picture from Autobytel by way of Google images (looks like an official press shot to me).


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