Saturday, November 19, 2005

I know I shouldn't love it, but I do...

"Sweet" ride in the Singer Hall carpark this evening. And yes, that is two-tone lime green and metallic silver - with a red dividing stripe.

Oh, and I finally saw a Jaguar prototype today (in case I need to remind you, I do live in Coventry). A rather rocking left-hand drive (?) XK in British Racing Green, with minimal nose disguise, trade plates, running on steelies.

Didn't get a picture of that, as although I had the camera in the car I thought it rather more wise to concentrate on driving since I was on the A46. Sorry.

Note: the Nova pics were taken using the uber-tech vga camera on my Nokia - hence the fuzzy quality. Still, you get the idea. And yes, I have blurred the plates.


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