Friday, November 11, 2005

How to make friends with Jaguar's PR department

Time for one more entry before bedtime

The above shot is the back end of a brand-spanking Jaguar XK, as seen at the MPH '05 preview/dummy run/rehearsal/first night performance I was at earlier this evening.

If you look closely (I could have Photoshopped it lighter, but I'm generally dubious of manipulated images) you'll see a pool of liquid that formed under the - static - car during the course of the night (shot was taken just before we were ushered out at 10pm). Hell, it's probably nothing, but I post it here in an effort to remind the good fellows at Jag that it's the sort of thing they surely can't afford to have happen to a model that's more or less in a position to make or break the brand

It's a lovely car - though strangely silver doesn't do it any justice (which makes the choice of that colour for the promotional vehicles a little hard to understand; just wait till you've seen a British Racing Green one - they look awesome) - and I wish them all the luck in the world with it. And any Aston comparisons you might be thinking of making? Well, the differences are far more pronounced in the metal - the Jaguar appearing longer, narrower and lower than the "Newport Pagnall" car.



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