Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ferrari Design Comp: we are the champions, etc, etc.

Hardly any time to add stuff this morning, but I suppose that I had better post that a team from Coventry University's School of Art and Design is amongst the winners of the design-a-Ferrari comp that's been running.

That's their design at the head there. Yes.

The automotive design reputation of this university is exactly the reason I'm studying auto journalism here - so it's great to see what they've achieved.

The prize is work experience - of which everyone I know is insanely jealous (especially the auto design students who I live with...!).

Tempting to insert the MP3 I have of the Renault Formula 1 V10 engine "playing" that Queen tune at this point...but I thought better of it. (Better luck next year, eh, Fezza?)


BBC Warwickshire

Autoblog (which has pictures of the other winners)


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