Sunday, November 20, 2005

And introducing tonite's sketch...

Evening all.

I *just* got back from MPH '05, which I saw for the second time today. Plan to add more on that another time.

Still,, I thought you'd appreciate a picture or two, so here ya go.

Ahh, you say, but I'm being deliberately obscure.

Yup. More sensible pics another time.


Note the car. Note the Floor.

Gallardo. A car that likes to be touched.

Koenigsegg CCR. Rock!

This is John Barker from Evo's Capri. It was dusty at the first show, it was dusty at the last show. They could've made an effort! (Totally a cool car. More pics on request.)

There's this crazy sports bike...they call it an anti-chopper (more pics - or rather, some actual pics of the actual bike - on this another time).

Thought this was a littie "ironic" given Jenson Button's recent comments in the motoring press... ;')

Mmmm. Gumpert.

One man and his remote control flying Vauxhall.

The lovely Zonda F. (Yes, really, an F.) All industrial and such. An actual car - just to keep you happy.

That's it.

As ever, the pictures are unedited aside from conversion to save-for-web format. I don't think there're any too dark ones...


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