Thursday, October 27, 2005

What to do...

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10 October, 2005, 22:33:08 BST.

What to do if...

...if you're a CU student and you've had your car vandalised on University property.

Ha! you say, that would never happen. They've got security cameras and everything.

Well, yes they do. But despite my car being parked right opposite one, it is apparently unlikely they'll have anything on it as it's focused off on the horizon (the entry "gate"). I'm not actually anywhere near as angry as I may sound. In fact, I was rather impressed with the way the University responded to my misfortune - I had fully expected to be dismissed out of hand.

So, what you do is this. Contact the security people; there's a number for this but with any luck you'll be able to be transfered from General Enquiries using one of the yellow phones. Within ten minutes they had a pair of guys in a van out to my location. They did a great job of making me feel like they actually cared what had happened to my poor BMW, while explaining that in the realms of reality there was probably not a great that could be done. And they also told me the best places to park in order to be well within the visibility protection sphere. (One of these, of course, turned out to be exactly where I would have been parked if it hadn't been choca-block when I got back last Monday night.) They advised me to inform the local police, and were even able to provide the number on the spot. A reassuringly competent response - and even the police desk officer was emphathetic to my plight.

I suppose what I should really be wondering is why I was so convinced I'd get bad service in the first place. Modern life is rubbish? Or maybe it is me. Lol!

[Photo added 27 October, 2005. Not terribly clear I'm afraid - but the scratch is there, I promise!]


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